Fennec Watch One Smartwatch For Kids Is In Fact A Wearable Smartphone

Smartwatch for kids are not new. We have seen a bunch of them, but the Fennec Watch One you see here is actually quite different. For starter, it does not lean towards the aesthetic that makes it looks and feels kiddish. I though it looked so dope that even a grown person like me want …

Xiaomi’s New Smartwatch For Kids Has 4G-LTE, Recognizes Plants

This is not the first time Xiaomi has targeted kids. This gadget here, the Xiaomi Mi Tu Kids Mobile Phone Watch 3 (basically, a 4G-enabled kid’s smartwatch) is 4G LTE support and along with it, comes a nano SIM slot plus features like a 1.41-inch AMOLED display with 320 x 360 resolution, 2.5D Corning Gorilla …

VOIXATCH Smartwatch Has A Bezel That Doubles As A Bluetooth Headset

I am as wary of any new tech product from little known companies that are on Kickstarter, but somehow, we have to mention the VOIXATCH. VOIXATCH is the first smartwatch that features a built-in Bluetooth headset, so you won’t look silly speaking into an object on your wrist. Sorry, folks. The only one person who …

iTouch PlayZoom DC Collection Children Smartwatches Make Me Want One Too

First, we gave kids smartphones, then tablets and even projector of their own. Now, we have the iTouch PlayZoom DC Collection children smartwatches which, if I can be honest, looks so dope that I wanted one too.

Meet Novus, The World’s First Modular Smartphone For Kids

Smartphones targeted at kids aren’t new. Among the sea of for-kids smartphones that try so hard to coax your money out of your wallet to splurge on your little ones, Abardeen’s offering called Novus stands out as a modular smartphone that can transform into a smartwatch and an AI speaker that doubles as handy home …

HOT Smartwatch

when mega size handsets first came on to the market, most people find holding them to their years as amusing as it is odd. soon, holding your hand to your ear to take calls might meet with the same odd look too. no, we are not referring to some Leslie Nielsen’s flick when we said you can answer your mobile phone call with your bare hand.

Game Of Life: Super Mario Edition And Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Board Games

Nintendo is not just a name for consoles. Unlike its peers, it has lent its properties to many products – from luxury smartwatch to footwear, and now, Monopoly and Game of Life.

6 Geek Gadgets For The Techie In Your Life

Looking for the perfect geek gadgets for the techie in your life? Many tech gift ideas cost too much. Others don’t last long due to their fragile nature. Fortunately, some sit right in between: functional, affordable, and cool. Not sure which tech gifts to get? Check out these 6 we’ve listed below: