Xiao Tian Cai x Transformers Z8 Smartwatch

Remember Huawei Children Watch 5X Pro? Well, this is not it but damn, it looks awfully similar, doesn’t it? Anyhoo, what you see here is a smartwatch for children from Chinese smartwatch maker Xiao Tian Cai aka Okii. This model is a Transformers-themed version of the brand’s flagship Z8 inspired by, well, the leader of Autobots, Optimus Prime, of course.

Xiao Tian Cai x Transformers Z8 Smartwatch

We heard there’s going to be a Megatron model but we did not find it listed on its website. Neither was it mentioned on its Weibo page. As you may have already guessed, the changes are cosmetic which, in this case, is the familiar red and blue colorway of Optimus Prime.

The Xiao Tian Cai x Transformers Z8 Smartwatch has a red case with blue accents and a red camera bezel, paired with a blue bracelet. It also has a special watch face featuring the same red and blue team with the Autobots logo.

Strangely, though, the watch face bears the flame graphics made famous by the live-action movie Optimus Prime. But the marketing materials depicted the G1-style Optimus Prime which does not have any flame graphics on it. I guess kids won’t care about such details. Perhaps, only me is bothered by such useless details.

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Xiao Tian Cai x Transformers Z8 Smartwatch
The flame design can also be found on the intricate packaging.

Anyways, the watch is much like the Huawei Children Watch 5X (the non-Pro model). It has just one display that can be flipped up to take selfies and interestingly, it is removable to be used as an action cam, for example.

Speaking of the camera, it actually has a rear-facing camera for regular imaging as well as for Chinese characters recognition when learning and instant translation.

The watch is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 with 1 GB of RAM. It has 32 GB onboard storage and packs a pretty large 760 mAh battery. It has a 4G radio, dual-band WiFi, built-in positioning, and the usual sensors that make a smartwatch, a smartwatch.

Xiao Tian Cai x Transformers Z8 Smartwatch

The watch will let you track your kids, monitor their heart rates, and more. You know, all the cool stuff of a smartwatch but with Optimus Prime branding.

The Xiao Tian Cai x Transformers Z8 Smartwatch is available from the brand’s web store on WeChat for 1,999 yuan (about US$295).

Images: Xiao Tian Cai [CH].