the idea of field microscopes have been thrown around quite a bit, but however brilliant those ideas are, it will never be as portable as the one that slips into your pocket day in and day out. yes. we are talking about turning your smartphone into a powerful microscope and the Micro Phone Lens 150x is the accessory that will do just that and doing so with quality that’s comparable to professional laboratory microscope. and yes. it makes 150 times magnification and because it leverages on your smartphone’s camera, it is ultra-portable and can even snap a pic or two of the microorganisms.

this super tiny lens attaches to any smartphone or tablet using an adhesive backing, and with the use of slides and quality light source, turns your mobile devices into one powerful researcher tool at a fraction of the cost of pro-grade equipment – that’s if the pro-grade equipment can be as portable as this Micro Phone Lens 150x. the brainchild behind the Micro Phone Lens is University of Washington graduate Thomas Larson, who was the same dude responsible for the 15x version that ran a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. Larson envision his invention will help kids get excited about exploring the world in a fun and modern way, and enabled scientists to conduct researches far and away from nearest lab. as it stands, the lens resolution is at around 2 microns, but Larson hope to get it down to between 1.5 and 1.6 microns for the final production version.

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as you might have guessed, the project has already blazed past its set funding goal, which means you will be pre-ordering the Micro Phone Lens 150x by backing up the campaign. a pledge of $29 will score you a lens and an accompanying carrying case and for $39 or more, gets you the 29 bucks package plus a portable LED light. there is also a “full package” going for a little under 50 bucks that has everything you need to get the most out of the 150x Micro Phone Lens, including the lens, case, light source, six prepared specimen slides, as well as ten blank slides and cover slips, ready for your exploration.

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