Sonastand Acoustic Stand for iPhone 4/4S

Sonastand Acoustic Stand
(photos: Kinetic Custom Machine) Sonastand Acoustic Stand | US$39.00 |

the market is flooded with wave after wave of iPhone cases and more recently, power-free speakers – which usually doubles as a phone stand. we cool with that, so adding another one to the market is something, we consumers, welcome with open arms – especially if it looks as good as the Sonastand Acoustic Stand. the fact that it is power-free iPhone speaker and stand needs little introduction. however, it worthy to note that, unlike the sea of offerings in the market today, the Sonastand is totally unobtrusive and is specially designed so that it can be used with the charger plugged in. last but not least, as a stand, it is flexible enough to accommodate your phone naked, skinned or with case. of course, to us it is the aesthetic that draws us to it. the Sonastand Acoustic Stand is available as a Kickstarter project with an affordable price tag of $39 a pop.

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