Astronaut Smartphone Stand

the odds of one having a career as an astronaut is like 1 in a million, but that hasn’t stop children and some adults of dreaming about becoming one. however, the truth is, reality is like gravity – it keeps most of us, firmly stuck to the ground. at this point, you and i know being a space geek is the furthest you could go

Glif Adjustable Tripod Mount and Stand

when Studio Neat first came up with the original Glif, it was considered the neatest idea to mount your iPhone on a standard tripod. but as awesome as it is, it has its limitations, such as, it can’t be used with any case. three years on and several updates in between, the Glif is reborn and it is now adjustable

OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

we must have seen tons of stands for iOS and Android devices, and dozens of them dealing in natural amplification, but hardly any that can actually claim as one-size fits all and by all, we do mean nearly all devices – ranging from smartphones to tablets. this is where the OPUS Universal Device Stand with Sound Amplifier

Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini

the main problem with most iPhone stands in the market today is flexibility; which means either you can’t use it with a case on, or it can’t be use with other small iDevices such as the iPad mini. the Twelve South HiRise for iPhone and iPad mini solves that two inflexibilities all at one go. we have seen tons of stands for iPhone and this is by far

Vyne Handsfree Smartphone Stand

whether you are using a wired earpiece or Bluetooth headset, it is still never considered truly handsfree if your hands (or hand) has to hold on to the phone. at least not until you have the Vyne handsfree smartphone stand. constructed of flexible elastomer neck with a hard plastic clip on one end, the Vyne is designed for viewing media or do your video calls