using your iPhone for FaceTime might be fun but what if the subject happens to move out of the camera field of view? this is especially true for kids or perhaps in a conference situation. wouldn’t it be nice if you could pan-and-tilt your camera remotely without the need for the opposite party to assist? well, that my friend, is what the Galileo aims to do or will be doing for you. it is basically an iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform that offers infinite 360-degree of spherical rotation (at 200-degree per second) just by swiping on a remote iOS device. perfect for compulsive video conference addicts, photography, cinematography, baby monitoring and even as a remote surveillance tool. sounds too good to be true? it is not. all you have to do is to shell out $85 and hang on till June for it to appear at your door step. not sure how the Galileo works? hit the jump for a short video that explains it all.

[UPDATE October 04, 2013] missed the Kickstarter campaign? now worries cos’ the Motrr Galileo Pan-and-Tilt Stand is now available for pre-order for $145.95. comes either black or white, and available as 30-pin and Bluetooth model. only for iDevices.

Kickstarter via Cool Material

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