Here’s The New Hybrid Filters From SANDMARC For Making The Best Out Of iPhonegraphy

Here’s a new filter from SANDMARC that no serious iPhonegrapher should ignore. Dubbed SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone Photography, this nifty mobile imaging accessory combines two photography filters: a polarizer and a neutral density filter.

SANDMARC Announces Film Rig For Pro-style Filmmaking Using Mobile Devices

Unless you are humanoid of the future, making action footage using just your two hands isn’t going to be as stable. If you are so incline in film with, say, a smartphone like iPhone or an Android phone or an action camera like the GoPro and the Osmo Action, you are going to need a […]

SANDMARC Anamorphic Lens Lets To Make Cinema-like Videos With iPhones

Notwithstanding iPhones not making the top of the chart on the DxOMark, you have to agree the results speak for themselves. I mean, iPhones do take pretty snazzy images and videos. The fact that some journalists are using it as their main shooter at events and launches as opposed to clunky DSLR is a testimony […]

No iPhonegrapher Should Ignore This Awesome Mobile Photography Case

Even though the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR imaging prowess may not stack up to some Android phones, the image quality is no slouch either. iPhonegraphy is very much alive and kicking, and if you want to make the most out of the new iPhones camera, then you may want to […]

olloclip’s Mobile Videography Kit Comes A Sleek Case From Incase

If you are into videography with your smartphone, then must be a believer in add-on optics and articulated mobile grip. If so, here’s something from olloclip and Incase which you may want to ponder about. In a press release dated July 17, olloclip, maker of add-on optics for smartphone, announced a collaborative effort with Incase […]

olloclip Lenses For iPhone 7 Have Similar Perspectives As DSLR Cameras

Since the launch of the iPhone 7, there have been praises about its new camera system (well, mostly), but as always, the stock lens may not be the cuppa for really, really serious iPhonegraphers and this is where olloclip Lens Sets for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aims to address. Altogether, the new olloclip Lens […]

Helium Core Will Turn Your iPhone Into A Pro-level iPhonegraphy Rig

It is a known fact that iPhone is pretty huge in the imaging department. You don’t need specs to tell you that; gazillions of images around the Internet already proven that. But as good as it is, can it be anymore professional? Well, what do you know? It actually can – if you suit it […]

olloclip Wants You to Take iPhonegraphy to the Next Level with this Mobile Photography System

If an all-out “cinematic camera” seems like an overkill for your casual and fun iPhonegraphy endeavor, the pioneer of add-on lenses for iPhone has a brilliant solution and it is called olloclip Studio Mobile Photography System. Quite a mouthful, perhaps, but it kind of says what it is and as you might have imagine, consists […]

IndieVice Wants to Turn Your Smartphone into a Cinematic Camera

What does a professional video camera has? It has zoom functionality via handy hard buttons, excellent swappable optics, and can be outfitted with a range of accessories to suit the need, including LED flash, external microphone and more. Smartphone, on the other hand, have none of those, but it can edit and post footages on-the-fly. […]

You Can Turn Your iPhone 6 Plus into a Serious Shooter with this Manfrotto Deluxe Photo Kit

Cassola-based Manfrotto may have changed hands quite a bit, but it has remain a resilient company that has stood the test of time. From its humble beginning as a camera tripod maker to today, it is constantly adapting to the ever changing photography trends and that includes developing gears catering to new-age mobile photographers. The […]