Here’s a new filter from SANDMARC that no serious iPhonegrapher should ignore. Dubbed SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone Photography, this nifty mobile imaging accessory combines two photography filters: a polarizer and a neutral density filter.

The polarizer filter reduces glares and reflections, resulting in clearer skies, more transparent bodies of water and a boast in saturation, while the neutral density filter provides you with more flexibility with shutter speeds, so you have more control over exposure and light.

SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone

Each SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone features a multi-coated, anti-reflective glass that promised accurate color transmission, an aluminum frame that not only look brilliant, but also both durable and light, and a universal patented clip-on system for quick and easy equipping.

“Landscape photography and outdoor videos now have an even more cinematic look. By protecting the camera from overexposure and improving the high dynamic range, the Hybrid Filter gives you the highest possible control over your camera.”

SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone

SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone is compatible with SANDMARC Wide, Anamorphic as well as Telephoto lens. While is designed to work with Apple iPhone from 4, SE and all the way to the newer iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone also plays well with select smartphones from Google, Samsung, LG and Motorola.

At the time of this post, the yet-to-be-priced accessory is not available. However, you can get yourself signed up to be notify when the product is available.

SANDMARC Hybrid Filters for iPhone

All images courtesy of SANDMARC.

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