Notwithstanding iPhones not making the top of the chart on the DxOMark, you have to agree the results speak for themselves. I mean, iPhones do take pretty snazzy images and videos. The fact that some journalists are using it as their main shooter at events and launches as opposed to clunky DSLR is a testimony of its imaging prowess. If that’s not enough prove, you’d be surprise to hear that some movies were shot entirely using iPhones.

Anamorphic Lens Edition for iPhone

That said, if you also aspire to make films using an iPhone, SANDMARC have something that may tickle your fancy. iPhonegrapher, meet Anamorphic Lens Edition for iPhone. This snazzy piece of optic lens you 2.4:1 wide aspect ratio, oval bokeh and lens flares effect that J.J. Abrams would be proud of to recreate cinema-like videos straight from your trusty iPhone. Now, cue haunting horn effect. No wait. Correction. That would be Michael Bay’s specialty.

Anamorphic Lens Edition for iPhone

Each lens features a multi-element, multi-coated and anti-reflective glass, enclosed in an aluminum lens body for superior performance in a lightweight and durable package. Anamorphic Lens Edition for iPhone comes packaged with a Pro iPhone case as well as a clip-on accessory to enable “versatile shooting experience.”

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It is available on SANDMARC website for the newer iPhones (XS Max, XS, XR, X) as well as older models (8/8 Plus, 7/7 Plus), priced at $159.99.

Anamorphic Lens Edition for iPhone

All images courtesy of SANDMARC.

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