It is no secret that the iPhone, such as the 12 Pro and 13 Pro, from recent years excels in imaging. But iPhone alone won’t cut it unless you have android arms. This is where video rigs such as the SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage for Videography comes in.

SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage for Videography

It is not a gimbal or stabilizer, though. Much like the SANDMARC Film Rig, SmallRig Fold P10 lets you shoot at angles which holding the phone directly can’t. With the SmallRig Fold P10, you can pull off low-angle shooting, complex panning, and tracking shots.

And can I just say that you will be doing so looking super cool? I mean, just look at this rig. Does it not look cool? OK. I admit. I may be a little too superficial here. So, don’t mind me.

SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage for Videography

Anyhoo, SmallRig Fold P10’s phone holder will fit all iPhone models and most smartphones with thickness up to 12 mm and width of 63 mm up to 98 mm. The rig itself further boasts multiple standard threaded mounting holes and cold shoe mount for attaching a variety of external accessories like microphone(s), LED light(s), handles, and for mounting onto tripods.

However, I think what really makes this hardware shine is the wireless control that lets you capture stills and record video straight from the handle, like a pro video rig.

SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage for Videography

If that’s not enough of a selling point, SmallRig Fold P10 has the option to mount two smartphones for recording content using two devices in a single pass. Finally, it offers two ways to hold: two hands, and a single hand.

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SmallRig Fold P10 Phone Cage for Videography is available from for US$54.90. Oh, did I mention that it folds down to pocket-size when not in use for easy carrying?

Images: SmallRig.

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