Unless you are humanoid of the future, making action footage using just your two hands isn’t going to be as stable. If you are so incline in film with, say, a smartphone like iPhone or an Android phone or an action camera like the GoPro and the Osmo Action, you are going to need a rig like the SANDMARC Film Rig. The idea behind SANDMARC Film Rig is to allow for a stabilized recording without the need for counterweights when shooting with tiny devices like a phone or action cam.


It is compatible with all of SANDMARC lenses, including the newest Anamorphic Lens Edition for iPhone, for a complete the pro-style movie-making setup. Fabricated entirely out of aluminum, SANDMARC Film Rig not only offers a comfortable grip with two hands like how pro does it, but it also affords mounting of other supporting hardware like a microphone, an audio interface, a tripod, plus a variety of different lighting. Basically, how you configure it is pretty much limitless.

But at $99.99 a pop, it is reserve for those who are dead serious about using small devices to capture action sequences. However, as a boon, it is versatile enough to fit a variety of devices, including Apple iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X 8 Plus, 8 and 7, GoPro, Osmo Action and most Android smartphones. So, in a way, it is an investment that won’t be marred by the choice of recording devices.


All images courtesy of SANDMARC.

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