Joining the growing collection of adorable Razer Sneki Snek merch is the Razer Sneki Snek Keycap. This irresistibly cute keycap which features the adorable sculpt of Razer’s mascot (wait, it is a mascot, right?) is made of eco-friendly ABS and PVC and is designed to fit all Razer mechanical and optical keyboards.

Razer Sneki Snek Keycap

Not Razer keyboard users? Not to worry because it will also fit Cherry MX-style switches from other brands too. I am curious though. If you are not using a Razer keyboard, which is like the basics of gaming gear, then why are you looking at Razer Sneki Snek Keycap anyways?

I mean, I would imagine only dedicated fans would want one. Just like a big Evangelion would want an EVA Unit-01 keycap. Anyways, I am just genuinely curious. Then again, you’d be contributing a teeny weeny bit to the environment if you buy the keycap or any Sneki Snek merch. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the keycap or any Sneki Snek merch will go towards helping Conservation International save 10 trees.

Razer Sneki Snek Keycap

If you are down, you may pick up the Razer Sneki Snek Keycap from for US$19.99 a pop.

All images courtesy of Razer.

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