Show your love for the biggest mecha phenomena of our time on your mechanical key with the Evangelion Keycap. Yes, it is another less than practical keyboard accessory, but holy shit, you can’t deny it looks super cool to have EVA Unit 01 Test Type or EVA Unit 02 First Unit’s head sculpt on your keyboard.

Evangelion Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard

Well, cool only if you are a huge fan of EVA. Not a lot is known about this awesome Evangelion Keycap. However, one thing for sure is, it ain’t officially licensed. But since EVA don’t have an official one, this Evangelion Keycap is your best bet (if you want one).

The caveat I see is, it does not support backlit keyboards like the fearsome and almost-too-ridiculous WoW Illidan Design Resin Backlit Keycap. Designed to fit Cherry Mx switch mechanical keyboard, the Evangelion Keycap is available in three designs: regular, berserk mode, and a silver version. There is also a Unit-02 version too.

Evangelion Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard

We can’t find it internationally. It is, however, available from China’s biggest online store for 75-100 yuan (or roughly US$12 to US$16). If you don’t know how to buy from, you can also find this “homemade” keycap on Aliexpress going for US$20.

Images: Taobao [CH].

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