You know my stand on Apple AirPods. If you don’t, here’s the TL;DR: they are probably the worst design to ever come out of Apple’s drawing board. Period. However, I am kind of amazed what an Apple AirPods user did. A lady by the name of Gabrielle Reilly from Virginia wanted to prevent herself from misplacing her pricey AirPods and so, she came up with a pair of accessories that turn the AirPods into a pair of earrings. She is calling it Airings.

Lady Turn AirPods Into Wearable Earrings

Having lost several pairs of audio earbuds to her pet cat, Reilly thought this is a logical move to keep her AirPods from suffering the same fate. You know what? Losing a pair of wireless earbuds isn’t such a big deal if they weren’t that pricey. Just saying… Anywho, on top of being able to wear the AirPods, and thus not losing them, Reilly also got herself a pair of snazzy fashion accessories and a conventional gadget, and more importantly, she can sell them too.

Lady Turn AirPods Into Wearable Earrings

Selling them is exactly what she’s doing now. Speaking of which, if you are down for it, you can hit up Gabrielle’s Shopify store to pre-order a pair for 20 bucks. It is a pre-order now because the first batch was sold out. Airings is available without the cross showed in the images here. The default design is a silver fish hook paired to white connector and a 1.5-inch chain.

Lady Turn AirPods Into Wearable Earrings

You can customize the earrings, though, by choosing the type of earrings (hoop, fish hook, or clip on), the material (gold or silver), specifying the length, color of the connector (white, gray, black, or transparent) and even add additional charms, or just spit out what you need. All you need to do for a custom look set is to fill in the form on the product page.

Images credit: Gabrielle Reilly/Shopify.

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Source: Mashable.

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