If you haven’t heard, certain areas of the U.S. has been hit by Polar Vortex, resulting in these areas registering temperature as low as -55 Fahrenheit. Good lord. I can’t imagine if I can even survive in such frigid condition. The severe cold has caused much inconveniences, including forcing school to close, relegate many to inside of their homes and generally, making getting outside the warm of the home dangerous. However, some people are taking the Polar Vortex in the stride. How? By throwing boiling hot water into the air and witnessing it turning into steam/snow.

So, great. For once, everyone seems to be interested in the science of cold. Or maybe not. YouTuber Chris Kieger was once such person who took the cold in his stride, but unlike many examples we have seen previously, Kieger’s attempt did not turn out well. For some reason, Kieger thought it was a good idea to perform the viral trick wearing just a pair of shorts and throwing the boiling water from the front and over his head. Based on what I have described, you already know that can’t be good. Thankfully, though not terribly not good.

As you will see in the video, for most part, the boiling turned into steam as expected, but not all of it. Some of the boiling water managed to escape the cold assault and managed to hit Kieger’s right calf. The video he posted pretty much show it all and the video’s description “the air was cold, my calf was scalding” pretty much sums up what happen there – if you can’t already tell the man was in agony when the very hot liquid land on his calf. But seriously, don’t do it. It is fascinating to watch how boiling water turned into steam in a snap, but it could be dangerous too. Also, don’t go out into the cold with wet hair and make yourself look like DreamWorks’ Troll with hair standing up.

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Source: Mashable.

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