Lesson of the day: when you set your mind to get inked, make sure you and your tattoo artist knows exactly what you guys are doing. Yes. Both. Because, one person knowing what to do sometimes just ain’t enough. As Darwinism has it, stupidity in us bounds to happen and hence, we have this wonderful tattoo image which, not surprisingly, promptly went viral. And it went viral for the wrong reason. It is plain obvious that this ink was supposed to represent the good’ol H-gate stick shift pattern (hats off to the person who celebrated this quickly dying car tech, btw).

But it is also super clear that, neither the person who requested for this tattoo and the tattoo artist have driven a car with a manual transmission, like ever. Yes. The H-gate pattern was spot on and we can tell it was trying to convey a 6-speeder and it is likely based on an European car that has the reverse gear up top to the left. My old Renault had that and I don’t quite appreciate it a bit, btw, but that’s another story for another day. Anyways, everything appeared to in order until you studied the numbers. I don’t know. Is that a new type of sequential H-gate that I never knew?

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Man, I must be too out of touch with new car tech… but geez, honestly, I have never driven a car that can get from first gear to the fourth so quickly (OK, I am just being sarcastic). It is safe to conclude that no one knows what they were doing. Either that or both were inking under influence. But hey, at least it wasn’t on the face, right? I mean, the mistake has been made, but you can always choose not to turn your wrist around. In any case, we came to conclusion that whoever this ink belongs to, he or she would be better off with a PRNDL tattoo because, that’s probably what the person drove all his/her life. We had a good laugh though. Sorry, we just can’t help it.

Here’s the original post discovered by our source:

Image: The Cheap Offroader.

via Jalopnik.

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