Green Screen Rick and Morty Tattoo Makes Tattoo Comes Alive

Tattoo is an ancient art that survived till today. It has largely remain unchanged until someone decided to add audio to it. And if think it will not further evolve, well, you’d be wrong. Louisville, Kentucky tattoo artist Roy Lee Rowlett shows you that not only tattoo evolves, but it can kind of make pop […]

Meet The Canadian Who Has The Most Marvel Comic Characters Tattooed On The Body

While some Marvel fans expressed their love for comic characters by collecting action figures, one man from Canada, Rick Scolamiero, has other idea of how to express his love for Marvel comic characters: by tattooing 31 figures from his favorite comic book universe on his body. The figures he had on his body include made-famous-by-movie […]

This H-gate Stick Shift Pattern Tattoo Went Viral For The Wrong Reason

Lesson of the day: when you set your mind to get inked, make sure you and your tattoo artist knows exactly what you guys are doing. Yes. Both. Because, one person knowing what to do sometimes just ain’t enough. As Darwinism has it, stupidity in us bounds to happen and hence, we have this wonderful […]

Man Tattoos Razer CEO’s Face On His Leg So He Could Get A Free Razer Phone

How far would you go to get a phone you really want? Beside paying through your nose, you probably won’t mind queuing for days outside of a store, just so you could get it sooner. At least that’s the norm these days, but one Razer fan, an Ohio man by the name of Matt Connelly, […]

This Revolutionary Tattoo Contains Audio Playable Using A Smartphone

There are many reasons why people chose to have tattoos and not surprisingly, remembrance ranks high on the list. Remembering someone, or paying tribute to a person you love or respect, by inking his or her portrait on the skin seems like the closest thing someone can do, but one company is taking this ‘in […]