How far would you go to get a phone you really want? Beside paying through your nose, you probably won’t mind queuing for days outside of a store, just so you could get it sooner. At least that’s the norm these days, but one Razer fan, an Ohio man by the name of Matt Connelly, has taken it to a whole new level: tattooing the headshot of Razer co-founder and CEO, Tan Min-Liang on his leg. Why would anyone do that, you ask? Well, you see, it all began in November when Matt Connelly commented on Tan’s Facebook post with a strange request: Matt wants to tattoo Tan’s face on himself in exchange for a Razer phone and much to his surprise and delight, Tan actually agree, responding with “Lol sure – permanent tattoo and I’ll be sure to sign the box when I send it out!

From there, the game was on. Connelly wasted no time to put his calf under the needle and had Min-Liang’s face inked. Cheekily, Connelly even name the tattoo The TerMINator, with reference to Tan’s middle name. And the name is reference to the tattoo of Tan which sports the familiar sunglasses which Arnold Schwarzenegger worn in the movie Terminator.

With his skin inked with Tan’s face, Connelly proceeds to share the result on Tan’s Facebook page which Tan responded a few days later, likely overwhelmed by this man’s dedication to get a free Razer phone. Here’s the post:

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According to Channel NewsAsia, Connelly is already in touch with a Razer staff and it is confirmed that the gaming lifestyle company will be shipping out a spanking new Razer phone, signed by Tan, to the deserving man. Well, that’s one heck of a fan there. Now, Matt, can we see your profit and loss statement for this amicable act? Like how much does the ink cost. Surely it is way cheaper than the rather pricey Razer Phone, right?

And oh, you can forget about pulling the same strange request like Matt did because, this is obviously a one-time offer which is never to be repeated again, at least not for this device anyways. But I am curious: would you have done it? Would you get inked just to secure a free phone?

Images: Matt Connelly.

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