Skin Motion Soundwave Tattoos Add Audio To Tattoos

There are many reasons why people chose to have tattoos and not surprisingly, remembrance ranks high on the list. Remembering someone, or paying tribute to a person you love or respect, by inking his or her portrait on the skin seems like the closest thing someone can do, but one company is taking this ‘in memory of’ thing to a whole new level. Skin Motion has developed a new tattoo method like you have never seen, or more correctly hear, before. This revolutionary tattoo, aptly called Soundwave tattoo, goes beyond visual remembrance; it lets you playback up to a minuted of pre-recorded audio using an app on your smartphone.

So, yeah, Soundwave tattoo is essentially an augmented reality tattoo (the first of its kind, if we are not mistaken) and the audio can be of anything. It can be a famous quote by your idol, your first born cry, fido’s howling, or even an except of your favorite song. Basically, just about anything you can think of. But remember, you only have one minute, so do want to make sure it is something worthy of remembering. Just saying… To get your Soundwave tattoo(s), all you have to do is record or upload the audio clip using the app. A soundwave tattoo will be generated and a Soundwave-certified tattoo artist will then wield the needle to ink it on your skin.

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Under normal circumstances, a pattern of the soundwave will be inked, but it can be customized like any regular tattoo. For example, a Soundwave tattoo can be inked within a portrait, or whatever image you desire. The only catch is, a Soundwave tattoo artist is a must and at this point, such artists are a rare find. Skin Motion is working to get a network of artists to become Soundwave-certified tattoo artists, but until then, your option will be limited.

Skin Motion Soundwave tattoo will be available launch in June, but eager beavers can signup to be among the first to get one.

Image: Skin Motion.

Skin Motion via Mashable.