Fisherman Wake Up Call In Japan by Fisherman Japan

If you reside in Japan and find traditional alarm clock not working for you (who invented the snooze button, anyway???), then you be glad to know not all hopes are lost, because Fisherman. I know how weird it is going to sound, but in Japan, there is a new service called Fisherman Call which literally have a fisherman call you at the time of your choosing to wake you up. All you have to do is fire up the app, choose the fisherman of your choice and set the time. There’s a portfolio real fishermen for you to choose from and they are all based in the Sanriku region.

Everyday, these hardworking fishermen will head out to the world’s top three fishing grounds well before day break to fish for their livelihood and therefore, they’d be up way earlier than most people do – not counting those who have insomnia or overnight gamers, of course. When the time comes, the chosen fishman will take a couple of minute off from hauling fishes to wake you up from your slumber with a call. It works pretty much like a hotel concierge, except that this concierge only makes call and he does it while he is out on the open waters, far away from solid ground.

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Btw, this is not a joke. It is as real as it can gets, which shouldn’t raise eyebrows really cos’, after all, we are talking about the land of quirky ideas. Fishman Call is a brainchild of Fisherman Japan organization and Ishinomaki City, and those fishermen who volunteered are part of the organization. But why fishermen, apart from the fact that do indeed wake up super early? Well, one thing for sure, they are not trying to recruit you into the line of fishery; though I am sure they are more than happy if you could consider the prospect. It is an initiative aimed to reconnect Japan’s younger generation and the dwindling workforce in Japan’s fishing industry.

The organization hope that by connecting the younger generations with the fishermen, it will somehow spur interests in the fishing industry. Intriguing indeed. Have a look at the promo video below to learn how Fisherman Call works.

Images: Fisherman Japan.

via Spoon & Tamago.