It is absolutely fine if you do not know how to cook Star Wars cuisine. You don’t need to. All you need is the Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware to feel as if you are cooking Star Wars dishes. I am digging the Star Wars x Le Creuset collection even though I don’t cook.

Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware

I do notice that fans of Dark Side may not appreciate as much. Among the collection, only two products, namely a trivet and a round Dutch oven, belongs to the Dark Side.

The round Dutch oven is inspired by Darth Vader while the trivet is in the image of the Moon-size, planet-obliterating space station, Death Star.

Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware

Other stars of the collection includes mini cocotte inspired by R2-D2 (but of course!), C-2PO, BB-8, Porg Pie Bird, and in our humble opinion, the “super star” of the collection, a roaster featuring a lid with the galaxy’s favorite smuggler, Han Solo, in Carbonite.

I do not need a roaster, but somehow I feel like I needed one. Why??? Fortunately, it has a price that prevent me from committing to it. Le Creuset is asking for $450 in return for the Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster. I am not even kidding.

Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware

This I-need-to-have-it-even-though-I-do-not-need-it roaster is only topped by the special edition Tatooine Round Dutch Oven, inspired by the scorched dessert planet with two suns, which cost a cool $900. Only four examples are allocated to the U.S. market.

Save for the Darth Vader Round Dutch Oven which is not cheap at $395, the rest of the items are something you and I can afford. We are talking about a price range of between $20 and $30.

Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware

The Star Wars x Le Creuset collection will be available starting November 1 online and in Le Creuset stores. If you want some, make sure you are signed up to be notified when it becomes available. And you probably want to do that because, something tells me that these items may be pretty fast moving because, you know, its Star Wars.

Star Wars x Le Creuset Cookware

Images: Le Creuset.

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Source: Engadget.

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