Cardok Mono Underground Parking

Cardok Mono Underground Parking
(photos: Cardok) Cardok Mono Underground Parking | US$PoA |

whether you want to keep your precious ride from prying eyes or just love the idea of having more landscaping in your front yard, you would love Cardok Mono Underground Parking. described by its maker as “a special solution to enable secure underground parking whilst maintaining your garden”, the Cardok Mono stows your precious vehicle away and safely out of sight in a special water tight “car container” buried underground, complete with its own backup generator and of course, remote control – thus leaving you to further explore the possibility of beautifying your front yard landscape. other features include an integrated water sump for collection of water dripping from car or rain when the platform is raised, build-in water pump for removal of collected water, anti-corrosion design, maintenance-free, and most importantly, quiet operation. perfect solution for discreet parking but only if you don’t need a garage to work in. though it is worthy to note that the Cardok can be integrated with your underground garage if you choose to.

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