LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza (21058): Cross-section Comes As Standard 

Since its introduction in 2008, LEGO Architecture has had nearly every iconic and historic building covered. There is the Empire State Building, London’s Trafalgar Square, and the modern marvel, the Burj Khalifa. We heard, soon another (bigger) version of the Eiffel Tower will be joining too. But first, one of the most mysterious and oldest …

LEGO 10284 Camp Nou FC Barcelona Set: Well, It’s Another LEGO Football Stadium

Whether you are passionate about soccer or a connoisseur of architecture, you will love the new LEGO 10284 Camp Nou FC Barcelona Set. That’s right, folks. It is another exciting soccer stadium, this time, it is a tribute to the iconic stadium that is home to one of football’s greatest teams: FC Barcelona.

LEGO 21056 Taj Mahal Building Set: Half The Size, Half The Price, But Equally Impressive

LEGO 10256 Creator Taj Mahal is a ridiculously detailed set. But do you know what’s ridiculous about the set too? The price. Then again, that is a retired product anyways. Thankfully, for those who do not have deep pockets and/or have missed out on the opportunity, there is the LEGO 21056 Taj Mahal Building Set.

A Few Look At The Third Apple Retail Store In Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I think, by now, most people would have heard of the latest Apple retail store in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. For those who don’t already know, that is the third Apple retail store in Singapore. What makes this store such a surprise is, it is the third store for a country with under 6 million …