LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338): An Icon In Architecture Immortalized In Bricks

Ever wanted to experience the idyllic life of living in the woods in a classic A-frame cabin surrounded by the wonder of nature but never get to do so because there are actual bills to pay? Well, here’s a more realistic alternative: the LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338).

Barbie Dreamhouse An Architectural Survey Book – ‘nuff Said

Over her 63 years in existence, the look and styling of Barbie have changed many times and so has her home which was first introduced 3 years after the doll, in 1962. That’s right. Barbie was a homeowner since 1962. Her humble abodes – if you can them humble – ranges from her first mid-century …

Swiss Luxury Watchmaker Hublot Built A Football Stadium In The Metaverse

It is no secret Hublot loves football. The Swiss luxury watchmaker already has two smartwatches dedicated to the biggest football events of the year and recently, it was revealed that the Swiss luxury watchmaker is taking its love for football into the virtual world. It has revealed a football stadium, aptly called Hublot Loves Football …

LEGO Architecture Great Pyramid of Giza (21058): Cross-section Comes As Standard 

Since its introduction in 2008, LEGO Architecture has had nearly every iconic and historic building covered. There is the Empire State Building, London’s Trafalgar Square, and the modern marvel, the Burj Khalifa. We heard, soon another (bigger) version of the Eiffel Tower will be joining too. But first, one of the most mysterious and oldest …

LEGO 10284 Camp Nou FC Barcelona Set: Well, It’s Another LEGO Football Stadium

Whether you are passionate about soccer or a connoisseur of architecture, you will love the new LEGO 10284 Camp Nou FC Barcelona Set. That’s right, folks. It is another exciting soccer stadium, this time, it is a tribute to the iconic stadium that is home to one of football’s greatest teams: FC Barcelona.