Fans of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Manchester United have their filled with a brick-built stadium of their favorite football/soccer teams. At this point, I am sure fans of other top football teams are waiting patiently for their favorite team’s home stadium to be immortalized in plastic bricks. Well, it seems the wait is over – at least it is for Italy’s best, Juventus F.C.

CaDA Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium (C66021) Set

But here’s the thing: this officially licensed brick-build Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium is not from LEGO; it is from CaDA. That’s right my friends, CaDA is out to give LEGO a run for its money, dipping its hands in football stadium builds and I am pretty sure it will not be last.

The sleek lines and iconic design features of the Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium have been faithfully recreated through 3,638 pieces [CH], including the suspended roof with a pair of signature red-white-green high masts, the main entrance with Allianz Stadium branding, the black and white graphics at the stands, VIP stand/luxury boxes, as well as the perimeter advertising space.

The details on the roof as well as the iconic stripes on the football pitch are recreated too, through the use of printed elements. Interestingly, the build includes a mechanism that lets you recreate the Mexican wave aka stadium wave aka the wave at the stand even though there are no actual spectators.

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CaDA Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium (C66021) Set

It is a nice touch but not nearly as nice a touch as the light-up feature. USB-powered lights illuminate the stadium interior as well as the facade, bringing the stadium to life and instantly elevating the model’s display-worthiness.

Last but not least, like any good brick-build model, the CaDA Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium is modular, allowing you to remove the upper section – roof and all – as well as the four stand sections to take a closer look at the football pitch.

The CaDA Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium (C66021) Set is now available in China for 899 yuan (around US$126). The set is recommended for ages 14 and up. It is not clear if it will be offered outside of China.

CaDA Juventus F.C. Allianz Stadium (C66021) Set

Images: Weixin (CaDA).

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