Hardly do we ever talked about lighter. When we did, it was almost always Zippo or some novelty varieties (like on an integrated to an iPhone case or a flashlight). But this little guy here from an England startup, Knnox, got our full attention. Looking at the product, it is not hard to see why it has people talking. And yes, IT IS a lighter and as you can see, it has a very unusual design. Instead of an open or flip top design we are accustomed to, Knnox Lighter adopted a bespoke sliding mechanism that slides up to reveal the flame ejection port on the main body.

Knnox Lighter

Interestingly, the flint wheel is on the L-shape component – a component which the flint appears to be built into too. When lighted, the flame spews out from the side as opposed to the top. While it is unusual, there is nothing wrong except for, as we have noted from the “ways to light” video, the flame does kind of burn the side of the lighter body. Is it such a good idea? I don’t know. There is a noticeable staining though – a result of flame coming into contact with the solid brass material which is made of. So, is it practical? Well, I can’t say it isn’t.

Knnox Lighter

I mean, it does what a lighter is supposed to do, doesn’t it? Practicality could be subjective, though. Some may beg to differ, but one thing for sure is, you can’t deny it has a strange allure to it. If Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair is one of the icons from the 20th century, then the Knnox Light may very well be the icon that represents the 21st century, or at least one of the icons. Another thing we can be sure of is, this is not for everyone as far as price is concerned.

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Knnox Lighter

This is not your a dollar BIC lighter, nor is it the 20-50 bucks Zippo; this thing is luxury. A luxury that comes with a cool price tag of £210 (around US$275). However, it is not your typical kind of luxury, though. It is luxury through meticulous design and craftsmanship. Having said that, it is the first lighter to be made entirely in the UK for over 50 years. In other words, it is a history made. Moreover, the highlight is anything but skin deep; it has a unique design that allows worn parts to be replaced individually and it comes with the tool for you do so.

Knnox Lighter

Finally, Knnox is absolutely confident about its quality and it is offering buyers lifetime warranty to back it up. It is no secret that we are impressed (but it does not mean anyone of us want one). Else, we would not have written a 500-word post on it. But we can see that many are drawn to it because, Knnox Lighter is already sold out at the time of this writing.

Knnox Lighter

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