Dissim Is The World’s First Lighter Designed To Be Used Upright And Inverted

The idea behind the app-enabled candle is, you need not burn your hand trying to light a candle at an awkward angle. But if you prefer not to go the high-tech route, Dissim might be the next best solution.

Knnox Lighter Is A Luxury Lighter Like You Have Never Seen Before

Hardly do we ever talked about lighter. When we did, it was almost always Zippo or some novelty varieties (like on an integrated to an iPhone case or a flashlight). But this little guy here from an England startup, Knnox, got our full attention. Looking at the product, it is not hard to see why […]

S.T. Dupont Puts Watch Complication Into A Lighter, Wants $41K In Return

In an era where smoking is frowned upon, there is hardly a need for a lighter – much less one that cost a whopping $41,000. Yes. You heard that loud and clear. A lighter could cost that much and you know it can only come from one brand: S.T. Dupont. The Parisian company has been […]

Flashlight With Plasma Lighter Is A Marriage Made For Outdoor

Gadget heads go-to all-thing camping equipment maker Power Practical has announced a pair of weather-resistant lighters aptly called Sparkr. Now, if you haven’t been in touch with the world of lighter, plasma lighter is a windproof lighter that is loosely inspired by Tesla Coil. You know? The two nodes that send concentrated electrical current to […]

This iPhone 7 Case With Built-in Lighter Is Literally The Hottest iPhone Case

A survival situation that requires you to start a fire probably means you are pretty much off the grid and it also means that it kind of makes this case, the ZVE Multifunction Lighter Case for iPhone 7/7 Plus, a smoker and/or bottled beer lover thing. Ok, maybe it is not necessary true. It could […]

Coleman Multi-tool Lighter is a Windproof Mini-Torch Slapped with Four Other Functions

Depending on your life’s adventures, a lighter and multi-tools may be considered essentials, and if so, you will be delighted by American camping gear specialist Coleman’s new Multi-tool Lighter. The product name pretty much speaks for itself. This pocketable camping gadget is built around a flip-top, windproof mini-torch (refillable, we would imagine) and features a […]

What We Have Missed: Day 210, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

Soto Pocket Torch Turns Regular Lighter Into A Wind-resistant Burner if you use a lighter, you will know to use cheap disposal ones and you will also know the frustration when lighting in windy condition. the solution? the Soto Pocket Torch. it will turn almost any regular lighter into a mini blowtorch, outputting a flame […]