Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter

Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter
(photos: Wenger) Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter | US$79.95 | www.wenger.ch

to us, hitting the field is not an excuse for not looking the part of being stylish and that means every camping essentials from tents, right down to small items like the lighter must not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. speaking of which, a lighter such as the Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter would fit the bill perfectly. encased in this unusual yet beautiful metal alloy body is a conventional flint and wick lighter, a separately sealed spare lighter fluid reservoir, and a spare compartment for your extra flints, accessible through its bottom cap. in short, it is made for a longer light-up time, which is what you will need if you intend to dwell in the great wilderness for a long period of time. available in three color options: red, chrome or black, the Fidis measures a handy 85 mm x 21 mm x 24.5 mm (about 3.3″ x 0.8″ x 1.0″) and weighs in at 90 grams (about 3.2 ounces). the Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter can be yours for $79.95 a pop. more look after the break.

Wenger via Uncrate

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