LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat

LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat
(photos: no starch press) LEGO Heavy Weapons | US$24.95 |

owning a real firearm is a fantasy for most people due to state law or the social stigma associated with them. however, if you happen to be a huge LEGO fan, then your dream of combining both your love for bricks and firearms might just come true and the best part is, you get to build it with your own hands. no. LEGO isn’t going to release a Desert Eagle kit (and we doubt it will ever do) but you could build it with the help of LEGO Heavy Weapons, a collection of complete building instructions for 1:1 scale replicas of some of the world’s most ionic firearms, as authored by young LEGO guns extraordinaire, Jack Streat. this 398-page book details step-by-step building instructions for Desert Eagle (complete with working blowback action), AKS-74U with folding stock, bolt-action Lee Enfield sniper rifle and pump action SPAS shotgun. each set of instructions includes a complete part listing, so you know what bricks you will need to get started. the LEGO Heavy Weapons (ISBN: 978-1-59327-412-2) will be available sometime this month with a sticker of $24.95.

LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat
Custom LEGO Desert Eagle complete with working blowback action
LEGO Heavy Weapons by Jack Streat
Custom LEGO AKS-74U with folding stock

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