CHEN Smart Keyless Padlock For Travelers

CHEN Is A High-tech Travel Padlock That Can Truly Be Called Next-Gen

Do you envision a future without physical keys? Well, the thing is, your front door maybe keyless and so is your car, but sadly, your favorite carryon and/or overnighter you use for traveling probably won’t be keyless anytime soon, and so for now, CHEN is probably your best bet in going keyless on any suitcase. This somewhat egg-shaped padlock is loaded with some serious tech, including built-in GPS/GSM technology to enable you to track CHEN-secured suitcase anywhere in the world, Bluetooth technology that works with a robust servomotor to unlock the lock, an in-built scale with retractable hook for finding out the weight of your baggage, and finally, a lithium ion battery, rechargeable via USB, that lasts for at least two weeks on a single charge.

CHEN Smart Keyless Padlock For Travelers

Other features you can expect from this next-gen padlock includes a metal construction body wrapped in a high resistance plastic and silicone over moulding (looks kinda of rad, actually), a high-density stainless cable offering a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, IP 64-rated built for resistant against water, and it is, of course, TSA-friendly, so your friendly TSA officer won’t be obliged to break this lovely 89 euros (US$99) lock to carry out check on your suitcase. And oh yea, it can tell you the weight of your suitcase too, but I guess you already knew that.

As with any connected gadget, CHEN works with a companion app available for both Android and iOS devices. Speaking of which, the only downside I see here is, you have to be sure to keep your phone alive always. Without your phone, or if the phone’s battery conked out, you are pretty much stranded. But I guess we can get use to it. It is, after all, the future.

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CHEN Smart Keyless Padlock For Travelers

Images courtesy of CHEN.

Submitted via TIP US page.