Forget About Key Or Numbers, This TSA Padlock Uses Fingerprint To Unlock

If you are as paranoid as me about luggage security, you would have a padlock on top of the suitcase’s integrated number lock. But added security is not without its caveat. You’d be burdened with an extra key or extra set of combination number to remember. If you rather not carry an extra, easy-to-lose key […]

CHEN Is A High-tech Travel Padlock That Can Truly Be Called Next-Gen

Do you envision a future without physical keys? Well, the thing is, your front door maybe keyless and so is your car, but sadly, your favorite carryon and/or overnighter you use for traveling probably won’t be keyless anytime soon, and so for now, CHEN is probably your best bet in going keyless on any suitcase. […]

The QuickLock System – Two Types of Locks, Two Ways of Unlocking

If you don’t want your front door unlocking itself when it detects your phone’s presence, but still wish for a keyless entry system to your humble abode, the QuickLock NFC and Bluetooth Locking System might be a favorable proposition. There is nothing complicated about the QuickLock system; it is a straightforward keyless alternative without the […]

Say Goodbye To Keys And Codes, Cos’ Bluetooth Padlock Is Finally Here

there are a lot of things that has remain unchanged for decades or even centuries, and among them, is padlock. we hardly think it ever need a change, mostly because we learn to live with keys and combination codes where lost keys and forgotten codes are a norm. we live with it anyhow. but a […]

MasterLock dialSpeed

whether you find it hard to recall combination numbers or find the need to unlock your locker in double quick time, the MasterLock dialSpeed will be up to task. instead of using numbers, it uses directional combo to unlock and is sized (51mm or 2-1/16-inch wide, to be exact) to enable one hand operation. excellent if you have…