The QuickLock NFC and Bluetooth Locking System

If you don’t want your front door unlocking itself when it detects your phone’s presence, but still wish for a keyless entry system to your humble abode, the QuickLock NFC and Bluetooth Locking System might be a favorable proposition. There is nothing complicated about the QuickLock system; it is a straightforward keyless alternative without the fancy wonder features like unlocking when you’re at certain proximity. Just think of it as keyless entry you would find in today’s car. It is also the world’s first locking system that offers two ways of unlocking: Bluetooth and NFC. But with the former, it won’t unlock at your Bluetooth device’s presence. Instead, unlocking via Bluetooth is achieved with a companion app, but that’s if you choose to go the Bluetooth route.

The QuickLock NFC and Bluetooth Locking System

However, the real convenience touted by the QuickLock is unlocking by waving NFC-enabled ‘key’ over the locking system. Speaking of NFC key, three options are being offered with this locking system: NFC ring, NFC fob (which ironically, can also double as a keychain), and NFC sticker. There are three types of hardware to choose from which includes deadbolt lock, ‘standard’ door lock, and padlock. The former two are, of course, direct replacement to your existing locks. While we suspect that most people would opt to use NFC over Bluetooth as the key to their homes, the Bluetooth does offer addition functionality such as enabling access to friends or family using the app with specially created share code without the need to hand them the physical ‘key’ like NFC sticker or ring or fob. Here, we’re assuming that the app allows the guest code to be revoked or has an expiry date, and if so, the Bluetooth unlocking will not be seen as an unnecessary extra.

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The QuickLock System is now on Kickstarter with a rather lofty $100,000 funding goal, where you will be able to pre-order lock and NFC key combo starting at $59. According to the outfit behind it, RPH Engineering (the same folks who brought to you Gun Box), all wireless NFC keys are ready and will ship soon once the crowdfunding campaign ends, but that’s just for the key.

submitted via TIP US page.