owning a gun for personal protection brings about another headache and that is deciding where to safely store it, while still keeping it within reach when the need arises. the answer? The Gun Box. what? that is a gun safe? well, apparently this pretty box is. so, now you know. but the fact that you know doesn’t mean you have access to the content within; depending on the model chosen, unlocking is either by the RFID scanner with a matching wristband, or both RFID and fingerprint scanner for a choice of access. crafted from 4mm aircraft strength die-cast aluminum alloy, the Gun Box not only keeps your small firearm safe from unauthorized access, but is sleek enough to be placed at locations such as your nightstand or your office desk where you will have convenient access should the need arise.

additionally, with the incorporation of mounting holes and Kensington lock port, you can be sure this beauty will stay where it should and not go anywhere else with anyone other than you. other features include two USB ports for charging your USB-powered devices (such as your smartphone), a built-in 1,350 mAh battery backup so access remains even when there is a power outage, and an optional GPS tracking with 24/7 monitoring, tracking and alert notifications. available in three versions, the RF, the Biometric, and the Premier, the Gun Box can be yours to own start at $249 a pop.

The Gun Box

The Gun Box via Uncrate

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