Unless you have been living on Mars since birth, you would know what yoga is. But do you know there’s such a thing as Goat Yoga. Yep. Goat yoga is a thing, alright. I know how it sounds on this day of the year, but believe me, goat yoga is not a joke. It is as real as yoga itself and has been around for a while now.

Basically what happen in a goat yoga session is, well, just yoga but with the addition of goats roaming around yogis. As a yogi, you just go ahead and do what the instructor asked of you while the goats, mostly kids, have free rein on what they want to do.

They may nibble on your clothes, your pony tail if you have one, and even climbing on your back. While it sounds like fun (I am sure it is), you have to know that animal being animal may poop and pee as they wish. Just saying…

Anyways… now you know. Goat yoga is very real. Given what the world is experiencing now, you won’t be able to join any goat-themed yoga adventure, but once this is over, you know you can.

There’s one in Maryland and also one in Virginia, if you are interested in finding out more, or just Google for ‘goat yoga’. There’s a bunch of them.

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Featured image: Little Goat Farm at the Lake.

Additional images: Yoga with Goats Maryland.

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