this is what happens: you get off from work, head down to your favorite watering hole and do some social drinking (which usually turns out to be one too many). and after, God knows how many pitches, you head home, throw yourself on to the couch and the next day you woke up feeling like you have taken a hit from a freight train. sounds familiar? that’s hangover, which nobody likes. lucky for you social butterflies, you need not to put yourself through such excruciating process anymore; all you need is Ficks Cocktail Fortifier, a specially formulated cocktail accessory that prevents you from suffering from the much dreaded morning after, while not altering the taste of your cocktail as intended by the mixologists.

available in three flavors: lemon, lime and ginger, the Ficks Cocktail Fortifier is crafted from all natural functional ingredients, including good stuff like milk thistle, vitamin B complex, electrolytes, ginger root and more, which is said to promote liver health and fortify your body to counter the after effect of alcohol consumption. the concoction was developed in collaboration with Fortitech, who is responsible for Vitamin Water, while industry veteran and natural foods guru Grace Venus (of Venus Research & Development) works on each of the Ficks flavors. your cure or rather, your preventive measure for the next day hangover only requires you to add a splash of Ficks to your cocktail and you are pretty much all set.

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you can get Ficks Cocktail Fortifier from Indiegogo for $15 and up, and they ships internationally too. catch a pitch video below to learn more, or dive straight the product’s campaign page and snoop out the different reward levels.

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