Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator

If you are motorcycle enthusiast who ponders why there isn’t a proper motorcycle simulator, well, you can stop wondering because, there is the Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator.

Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator

Dorna, MotoGP’s rights holder, has partnered with Moto Trainer for an advanced MotoGP simulator that is the closest you will get to hitting the real MotoGP tracks.

Unlike most car simulators, the Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator actually uses a real motorcycle and allows up to 50 degrees of leaning to help you learn weight transfer and simulate grip around corners.

In addition, the set up is able to analyze your throttle and shifting, thus allowing you to better understand your riding style, pick out flaws if any and hopefully, work out how to improve your timings.

Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator

That said, the simulator comes preloaded with all MotoGP tracks and allows you to pit your timing with real riders’ times.

While the Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator sounds like a rig for the professional racer (which is mostly is), it can also be hooked up to an Xbox or PC for playing MotorGP video game.

According to a report, Dorna is expanding into eSports racing and this partnership with Moto Trainer is pat of the game plan.

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Now for the real good news. The Moto Trainer Motorcycle Simulator is a rig money can buy. As said, this motorcycle simulator is not just for professional racer; it is for anyone, well, anyone who have the financial muscle to flex, to be precise, because, it does not come cheap.

Then again, simulator of any kind is mostly expensive. Anywho, if you want one, you are looking at €4,900 (about US$5,942) for a basic set up. But you will want the full simulation setup, which includes the software, active suspension and leaning module, to enable the described realism. That will run you back at a cool 10,900 euro, or around US$13,221.

Images: Moto Trainer.

Source: Carscoops.