Urikar AT 1 and Pro 3 Massage Guns

Once reserved for athletes and sports person, massage gun is now a commonplace. We have seen quite a few, but man, the new Urikar massage guns got to be the most high-tech massage guns yet. Two models are being offered: Urikar AT 1 and Urikar Pro 3.

Urikar AT 1 Massage Gun

Touted as an AI-powered professional muscle percussion massager, the AT 1 delivers up to 3,600 percussion per minute and with up to 65 pound of force. It is capable of penetrating up to 16 millimeters into the muscle tissue while 8 selectable speeds let you massage at the rate you are most comfortable with.

It has two modes: AI-powered Auto Mode for everyday use and Professional Mode for pro users. The AT 1 comes with 6 interchangeable massage heads, each designed to target specific muscle groups.

Other highlights include built-in intelligent dashboard, infrared sensor that enables adaptive massage speed, massage head recognition system, breathing light, and a rechargeable battery that offers up to 10 hours of operation per charge.

The Urikar Pro 3, on the other hand, is for those who are looking for a more affordable on-the-go muscle massage gun. It boasts 6 interchangeable massage heads, 30 selectable speeds, 45 dB ultra low noise operation, 180-degree rotating arm for hard-to-reach areas, a powerful cooler, an integrated smart touchscreen, and a rechargeable battery good for 10 hours on a single charge.

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Urikar is having a pre-sale campaign where you can secure the AT 1 and the Pro 3 for as low as US$149 and US$98. However, the super low price are only valid between January 25-28, 2021. After which, you are looking at US$112-US$229, depending the model and when you act on it.

If you are keen, be sure to hit up Urikar AT 1 and Pro 3 campaign page over at Urikar.com. There’s more. We are provided with a code (ATONE100-9JST9I) that suppose to give our readers 45% discount. But TBH, I am not sure how it works since the pre-sale camping is already giving 30-45% discount. In any case, do use the code if you are picking this up.

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All images courtesy of Urikar.