MIT Research Reveals That Vaccination By Inhalation Can Boost Immune Responses To Respiratory Infections

Here’s an exciting development in the field of medical science. MIT researchers has carried out a study on vaccination by inhalation, a process in which vaccines are directly deliver to the lungs.

Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair: Massage In Between Gaming Sessions

Do you lean back when gaming on a PC? TBH, I don’t. Usually I get too tense to be fully leaning back. However, if you do and at the same time, fancy someone massaging you while you are battling out in the virtual world, well then, Singapore-based massage chair maker OSIM has your back, or …

Scientists Used Patient’s Own Stem Cells To Repair Injured Spinal Cord, Reported Promising Results

For years, medical experts have been intrigued by the possibility of using a patient’s own stem cells to repair injured spinal cord and today, there is a hint that it might just work.

The Massage Gun Industry Is Heating Up With New Massage Gun With Hot Compress

The massage gun market is heating. Like quite literally. SKG has introduced a new massage gun with embedded heating function. The SKG F5 Mini Massage Gun is designed specifically designed for female users. The small size makes it easy to bring around. Moreover, the small size allows it to target problem areas that are hard …

Soon, You May See Robots Going Around Disinfecting Areas In Public Places

Appliances that move on their own aren’t new. There’s self-driving fridge, robot vacuum, robot photographer, robot waiter, and even robot air purifier. Now, there’s new kind of appliance that move autonomous robot and its mission? Disinfect publicly touched areas.