TESLAR Watch Is Here To Save You From The Harmful Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields

According to WHO, about 300 million people suffers from hypersensitivity, resulting in stress, anxiety, poor sleep and more in an individual. If you are one of the victim of modern technology, Timex’s new watch brand TESLAR Watch may be able to help.

Fitbit Aria Air Smart Weighing Scale That Costs Just $50

There’s no point in exercising like mad when you are not keeping track of your metrics like weight, BMI (Body Mass Index) data and more. Sweating like Niagara Falls won’t let in know your heart rate, sleep and whatnot. You need a clever scale that measures your weight and almost magically, let in on your […]

How To Recover Quickly From Workplace Injury

Being injured at work is not fun (like, duh, obviously). Recovering, however, is even worse. Depending on the severity of your injury, you could be bedridden or, at the very least, housebound. Even with workers’ compensation this could put a huge strain on your finances, especially before your claim is finally settled and paid out. […]

Omron Announced The First Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

Well, I never thought it was possible, but here it is the world’s first wearable blood pressure monitor from Omron (not to be confused with the robotic Ping Pong coach). At a glance, the Omron HeartGuide looks like a regular smartwatch, but it really isn’t. In it, is a built in blood pressure monitor, complete […]

This Cool Gadget Uses Computer Vision To Monitor Baby’s Breathing

I don’t have children of my own and so I am not quite sure why is it important to monitor a newborn’s breathing. However, I think the Nanit Breathing Wear sounds interesting enough to warrant a mention here. The product name is actually quite self-explanatory, but if you really must know, it is basically lets […]

Meet Owlet Band, The World’s First Consumer Pregnancy Monitor

Made for home fetal monitor isn’t new. We have seen it as far back as 2014, but this new one from Owlet Baby Care, called Owlet Band, kind of changes everything. How else did it go on to bag two CES awards in categories of Wearable Technology and Tech to Change the World? And oh […]

Finally, There’s A Smartwatch That Could Potentially Save Your Life

Smartwatch is mostly a frivolous gadget that is all but a life’s extra, but not in the case of CORX Biometric Smartwatch. This smartwatch is different. The watch designed by Hong Kong-based Italian Ponti Design Studio, headed by Andrea Ponti, for SaluderMD, a digital health services company that connects patient with doctors. Aside from its […]

TouchFocus Eyewear Is A Miracle Solutions To Farsightedness

Age-related farsightedness or presbyopia is vision condition that affects many people as they age. It is an inconvenience that only those who are inflicted will understand. It is worse if the person has myopia too. While progressive eyewear that covers both far and shortsightedness helps, it is not perfect. It never was. Just try descending […]

You Know What? Pillbox Just Got Smarter With Cyco

If a person who needs to take medication on regular basis has only one thing to do and that is to take medications, then he or she will never forget. The truth is, everyone has other things to do and that sometimes result in one forgetting the all-important medications. Hong Kong-based Qualife aims to alleviate […]