The market is not lacking of iPhone case, but hey, who will be turned off by a “high-tech” option such as the ExoArmor Magnesium iPhone Case? Wait. Magnesium highly flammable? Like, seriously flammable? Yes. It is, but the folks over at ExoArmor applied Xponential’s patented surface coating technology – the same stuff found on motorcycle mufflers – ensuring it will no go up in flames.

On top of that, ExoArmor also receive a space-age nanotechnology coating which the company claims that, unlike other metal iPhone cases, won’t interfere with any signal. ExoArmor also touts a proprietary protection technology called ShokProtek that combines the unique X-Back design with advanced impact analysis and tough carbon fiber bumper, enabling it to sustain the impact of “at least 4 (1.2 meters)” of drop.

ExoArmor Magnesium iPhone Case

The combination of magnesium alloy, along with carbon fiber (yes, it also has that) bumper and the barebone X-Back design also bring about another boon: a featherweight light case. A couple of other notables include a raise front lip to protect the device when falling face down and a 100 percent screw-free design for easy installation and removable. In a world where every case looks like every case, it is a refreshing change to see a minimal case that not only looks sleek and still provide the protection required.

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ExoArmor Magnesium iPhone Case is on Kickstarter where it hope to raise 10,000 Canadian money (or about US$7,516) to fund its production. If you are keen, you can help make it a reality by backing the campaign. A pledge of 45-95 CAD (around US$34-72) will secure you a unit – if the campaign gets funded in the next 20 days or so. If that happens, expect delivery to happen as soon as October 2019.

Images courtesy of ExoArmor Case.

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