I am not sure why anyone need a robotic arm at home, but here it is anyways, the Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm, in case you need one. It looks and performs like any large size industrial robotic arm because, well, it is a industrial robotic arm, but only 10x smaller. Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm lets you dive into the world of robotic programming, whether you are a robotic expert or just a hobbyist.

Who knows? One day you may end up creating a super intelligent AI called J.A.R.V.I.S. to manipulate a few of these robotic arms that will perhaps help you build a superhero exoskeleton suit? OK, maybe not. You and I may not be a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist, but one thing for sure is, you and I don’t need to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire to get a few of these robotic arms setup at home because, the Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm can be had for just $399, or $525 tops if you get the one with the works.

Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm

If anyone cares to know, Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm features 6-axis of movement, 0.2 repeatability, up to 100 degrees/second joint speed, intuitive control and perhaps more importantly for geeks all over, it is open source. But really, what can a Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm do? Well, lets just say that it uses is limited to your imagination and coding knowledge.

If you are down, you can find Mirobot on Kickstarter. But seriously, you don’t want to procrastinate for too long for this one because, the campaign will end in 11 days. Also, the campaign is already funded and so, if you backed for a product, you just have to wait for it arrive at your doorstep this December.

Mirobot 6-axis Mini Robotic Arm

All images courtesy of Mirobot.

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