Hand controllers for VR, though necessary, are silly. They are good if you are holding a weapon say, a gun or Lightsaber, in the VR world, but not when you want to experience the dexterity of your digits like you do in the real world. You will need a VR gloves for the latter, or do you?

Enters Hand Tracking on Oculus Quest, a true hand-based input for VR that requires no controller, external sensors or whatnot. All you need is Oculus Quest and you are all set to touchy in the virtual world.

Imagine the joy of not having to pick up controllers and also imagine the joy of freeing your digits to do what they can do.

With Oculus Quest’s hand tracking technology, you’d be doing things like picking up virtual flower, clicking virtual control with your index fingers like you would in the real world.

Finally, the risk of flying controllers is eliminated. The only risk left now is, you accidentally slapping someone in the head, or you punching the TV.

Facebook made the announcement at the recent OC6 where it also demoed the technology.

Hand tracking on Oculus Quest will officially launch in early 2020 as an experimental feature for consumers, as well as an SDK for developers.

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Continue reading to find an introduction video to see how the hand tracking on Oculus Quest will play out. After that, tell me that you are not thrilled by this development. OK. Perhaps you won’t be as excited if you are not a VR enthusiast, but anyways…

Image: Oculus.

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