Tofu. The soy-based food is best known for its tenderness. It is so soft that even a person without teeth could eat it. Having said that, it is hard to imagine this Asia popular food could be shaped, sharpened and formed into a fully functioning kitchen knife.

Well, that was exactly what YouTuber Kiwami Japan, AKA Twitter user @Kiwamikouba, did. Man, this guy does not stop, does he? Kiwami Japan has been making knives out of some of the craziest materials for the past year and the tofu is perhaps his most insane creation.

Spoiler alert: it involves him making his own homemade bean curd. The result is pretty much what you expect. Kiwami Japan titled it as the “sharpest tofu kitchen knife in the world.” Why wouldn’t it be? It is very likely the only kitchen knife made from tofu and so the title is assured.

Skip ahead and witness the entire process yourself.

Image: YouTube (kiwami japan).

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