You can hear the music, but you will not feel it. You can play games, get sucked into the audio and visual extravaganza, but there’s no way will feel it. However, with the Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable, you will be able to feel the music and feel the game.

Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable

You will be able to feel the movie, such as Domino Rex’s powerful feet pounding the jungle floor – in addition to sight and sound. Available as Strap Edge and Vest Edge, Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable is “a progressive sensation that boasts an amplified level of immersion.”

The Strap Edge is a scale down version of the Vest for on-the-go use while the Vest is designed like a vest for VR gaming, regular gaming, and it is even good for sound engineers and music producers alike.

By using a patented realistic haptic technology called Oscillating Frame, Woojer Edge gives you the tactile sensation of standing next to a giant bass box on a dance floor or concert, or in the case of a game or movie, lets you feel like you are in the middle of the action. It lets you feel frequency that are not perceptible to our ears.

Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable features hi-fi analog headphone amplifier, Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX support, 100 percent silent operation, powerful and accurate hi-res haptic feedback, up to 8 hour of playtime per charge, high-end breathable and wipeable fabrics, one-size fits all design, and 3.5 mm and USB-C ports.

Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable

The idea of wearable haptic feedback is not new. We have seen it as far back as 2014 and it is certainly not new to Woojer. In fact, this is the third haptic technology product from the Israel company.

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If you are convinced Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable is a good fit with your entertainment needs, you can pre-order it on Kickstarter for $99-119 for the Strap Edge and $299-349 for the Vest Edge. Or if you like, you can other pre-order both for a bargain price of $389.

But hurry because, the campaign ends in 10 days time. Speaking of campaign, it is overwhelmingly funded, pulling in over a million in funding contributed by nearly 10,000 backers. Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable is slated to deliver starting December 2019.

Woojer Edge Haptic Feedback Wearable

All images courtesy of Woojer.

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