Our favorite parody toy labels/designers, Hong Kong-based Fools Paradise, is back with one of my childhood favorite heroes, He-Man from the cartoon series Mattel’s Masters of the Universe.

Called Lowfool // I Have The Power, the 33 cm (about 13 inches) vinyl figure’s name is a play of the iconic magic words “by the power of Grayskull… I have the power!” said by the show protagonist Prince Adam whenever he transform into the scantily clad hero with super strength, He-Man.

Lowfool He-Man Parody Vinyl Figure

In Lowfool’s tradition, the Lowfool // I Have The Power vinyl figure features a super bulky upper, a relatively slim waistline and tiny size legs (though they are most definitely larger than Mr. Incredible).

This being a parody character, it has a couple of ‘fun’ designs, like a mustache which He-Man did not have and instead of some medieval kicks, Lowfool // I Have The Power is rocking a pair of parody Nike hi-top sneakers.

As with every Fools Paradise’s works, the Lowfool // I Have The Power vinyl figure will be of limited production. In the case of Lowfool // I Have The Power, only 398 units will be available worldwide.

If you are keen, you can pick up one as a pre-order for $268 a pop. Fools Paradise expect the item to be ship sometime in Q1 of 2020.

Lowfool He-Man Parody Vinyl Figure

All images courtesy of Fools.

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