Fools Paradise Reimagines Wolverine Playing Arcade And It’s Super Adorable

Do you love caricatures? If yes, do you also love X-Men’s Wolverine? Well, if that’s a yes too, then you won’t want to miss Hong Kong-based vinyl figure maker Fools Paradise’s latest work featuring none other than Logan AKA Wolverine. Entitled Lowfool vs Lowfool EP2: Wolfool X, it follows the Lowfool vs Lowfool series theme […]

Lowfool ‘Iron Man’ Heats Up Comic Legend Stan Lee’s Full Chicken Food

Fans of Iron Man and comics legend Stan Lee may want to check this vinyl figure set out. Coming from Hong Kong-based Fools Paradise, I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee Vinyl Figure Set, as it is called, features a Fools signature caricature-style character Lowfool in ‘Tony Stark’ guise in a half Iron Man suit, accompanied […]

Fools Paradise: Is Bane Sulking Over The Melted Ice Cream He Can’t Eat?

You know what is the greatest pain Batman’s arch nemesis, Bane, experiences? Probably not the gas mask that he wear to continuously suppresses his excruciating pain; it is probably how he have to witness an ice cream melting before him because he can’t eat it (because of the mask). Ok. I get it. That’s a […]

Fools Paradise x Hold’em By JPX Thailand Toy Expo Exclusive

Independent vinyl figures collectors take note. Fools Paradise and teamed up with Thailand street fashion label Hold’Em Denim and toy brand JPX to issue a very limited Fools x Paradise x Hold’em by JPX vinyl figures, called I want to be ZauZ. With the set you will find two figures adorned with unique “3 straps” […]

Scout. Troop at Coin Rides Game Vinyl: Sexist Or Cheeky? You Be The Judge.

Fools’ latest vinyl figure may not go down well with a lot of people, let alone hardcore Star Wars fans, but me? I am totally digging it. Not because it is a slender and curvy female figure in cropped top flaunting an anime standard of ‘perfect body’ (I promised, it isn’t), but because it is […]

Fools Pay Homage To Michael Jordan With This Awesome Vinyl Figure

What you see here is Hong Kong independent toy maker Fools’ latest vinyl called Three King Two Three, which is a homage to one of the greatest basketball player of our time: Michael Jordan – complete in his famous Chicago Bulls number 23 jersey, but obviously, this collectible is not sanction by Chicago Bulls, nor […]

The Last Why: JP Toys Exclusive Is A Clear Homage To Jared Leto’s Joker

Just when we thought the The Last Ride vinyl figure was ridiculously awesome, Fools take it up several notches with another even more awesome edition, called The Last Why: JP Toys Exclusive. This latest edition proves that colors can do wonder to the vinyl figure character. In this edition, Lowfool’s ‘Batman’ garb is splashed in […]

Lowfool Dressed Up As Batman, Ponders Over A Tumbler Kiddie Ride

Can’t get enough of cutesy version of superheroes that are sometimes too sweet to handle? Well, if that’s the case, Fools’ Batman The Last Ride Vinyl Figure might just be right up your alley. Fools’ character, Lowfool is now garbed in classic Batman costume and bestowed with much exaggerated muscles with, if you must know, […]

Fools’ Iteration Of ‘Superman‘ Is Crazy Cute And Super Irresistible

If you like comics and love the idea of caricaturised action or vinyl figures, I am sure you will be all over the Superman Playing Arcade Vinyl Figure by Fools. Officially called Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Conflict, this vinyl/PVC figure depicts Lowfool in Superman getup, seated and hunched over an arcade machine, playing a game […]