Feeling rich? Well, even if you don’t, you could act like you are by stepping on a huge… bill with the Cash Rug. The Cash Rug Featuring Leon by Fools Paradise is a, well, rug that has an image in the likeness of a US 100-dollar bill. It is a parody of the 100-dollar bill. Instead of Benjamin Franklin’s headshot, it has Leon’s parody of the famous Italian plumber Mario, carrying a Piranha Plant.

Cash Rug Featuring Leon by Fools Paradise

Obviously, the rest of the details are parodies too. Like, instead of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, it has THE FOOLS PARADISE, for example. It has the at-a-glance bill resemblance. The rug measures 1200 mm by 520 mm (3.94 feet by 1.71 feet, or 47 by 20 inches).

Now for the best part about this oversized bill which can step on. It is less than its “value” of 100 bucks; it will cost just US$45-US78, including shipping, depending on which country you are in.

Cash Rug Featuring Leon by Fools Paradise

Images: Fools.

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