When you looking at gaming furniture, they almost always extrude that kind of high-tech vibe. Nothing quite classy, if we may add. Well, that could change with Herman Miller x Logitech G Gaming Furniture.

The American furniture maker, perhaps best known for its retro vibe furniture style is coming together with Logitech’s gaming peripheral arm, Logitech G, to create “high-performance furniture solutions for gamers.”

Herman Miller x Logitech G Gaming Furniture

The products aim to address the needs of esports athletes, gamers, as well as streamers. However, no products have been announced just yet, but we should be hearing about them very soon as the official words are, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Gaming Furniture collection will arrive in Spring 2020.

Personally, I can’t hardly wait to see what the collaboration will result in. I am already imagining Eames-style gaming chair and you know, maybe 70s influence workstation or desk or something along that line.

Images: Herman Miller/Logitech.

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