You know want the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. You lust after the power this space glove possessed but alas, it isn’t real. Really bites, doesn’t it? Despite it not being real, you can play out your twisted hunger for power with replica of the Infinity Gauntlet that are floating around the market. Wait. Those are too expensive? Well, fret not, you budget-conscious, twisted minded bunch because, there’s the Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Shaped Mug.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Shaped Mug by Paladone

Coming from Paladone, the Infinity Gauntlet Shaped Mug comes complete with all the infinity stones required for a single snap to wipe out half the universe’s beings. Except that you can’t actually do that. It is still cool though. Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Shaped Mug is an officially licensed product made of ceramic and shape like the universe most powerful glove. Coming soon to Paladone for £12.99 (or about 17 bucks based on current going rate).

We wanted to let it pass when we first saw this, but damn, we really can’t say ‘no’ to the gold finish and the fake infinity stones. Unfortunately, the gems don’t light up. It will be cool if they do. I think it make for a need addition to any true fan of Marvel’s Avengers. Now all that’s missing is Infinity Coffee. But you probably won’t bear to drink from it. I know, I won’t.

Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Shaped Mug by Paladone

Images: Paladone.

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