LIZ Is A New Smart Bottle That Touts Self-Cleaning Capability

Before anyone flame me for saying that self-cleaning drinkware like a bottle is not possible, hear me out first. Yes. Self-cleaning sounded like a bunch of nanobots getting to work to clean the bottle. However, it is obviously not the case with LIZ Smart Self-cleaning Bottle by tech company NOERDEN. NOERDEN’s context of self-cleaning is […]

OtterBox Finally Gave Its Elevation Tumbler A Well-deserved Handle

You may know OtterBox for their water-, shock- and drop-resistant smartphone cases, but the 11-year-old Colorado company actually started out making water-resistant boxes. Simply put, it began its life as outdoor gear company and it still is today. The company recently unveiled a new product in its Elevation Tumbler lineup, called Elevation 14 Mug that […]

Ember App-enabled Mug Can Maintain Your Desired Temperature For An Hour

If you ever find yourself wanting to drop a thermometer into your mug to determine the right temperature for your beverage, then I am 100 percent sure Ember Copper Mug is missing in your life. Ember is a connected, app-enabled drinkware that lets you set the precise drinking temperature and maintain it for around an […]

This Ingenious Glass Cup Lets You Drink Bubble Tea Without A Straw

Bubble tea, or boba tea as it is known in stateside, can’t do without straws. This beverage don’t use just any type of straws; it has to use those extra large diameter straws in order for you to suck those pearl thingy. Needless to say, the straws and the disposable cups that the delightful concoction […]

Trinken Lid Disguises Your Beer Can As A Regular To-Go Coffee Cup

Drinkware that disguises your alcohol beverage as Lightsaber, jewelry, or even game cartridge does not quite disguise the fact that you drinking something you want no one to know. I mean, who the hell tip a Lightsaber over their mouth? Certainly no one put a bracelet or a Nintendo to their mouth, and pretend that […]

Infinity Gauntlet Mug: The Power Of The Universe IS In Your Coffee

You know want the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. You lust after the power this space glove possessed but alas, it isn’t real. Really bites, doesn’t it? Despite it not being real, you can play out your twisted hunger for power with replica of the Infinity Gauntlet that are floating around the market. Wait. Those […]

Fender Amp Mug Has A Clever Design That Makes Straight Edge Mug Usable

Some things are just not meant to be square. One example would be mugs. Square mugs have no place in this world. It is just ergonomically flawed. But somehow Paladone managed to take the middle ground with this officially licensed Fender Amp Mug by Paladone. Fender Amp Mug has the straight, rectangular form of the […]

Whiskey Glass With Built-in Cigar Holder Is Pure Genius Or What?

For some reasons, cigar almost always go with a glass of fine whiskey on the rocks and because, you need one of your two hands to push the chips across the green felt-cover table for cool factor, you will need this unique whiskey drinkware that has a built-in cigar rest, aptly called Corkcicle Cigar Glass […]

Dumbbell Beer Glass Answers The Question Of “Bro, Do You Lift?”

With this dumbbell shape beer glass, aptly called Dumbbell Beer Glass, the next time anyone asks “Bro, do you lift?” You can smile with confidence and answer “yes, I do” but, “I lift differently.” You won’t be lying, except that you’d lifting 24 oz of beer that goes weighs lesser fairer quickly (and possibly packing […]

Hydaway V2 Gives You More Reasons To Ditch Single-use Plastic Bottles

Here is a new version of Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle that gives you more reasons to ditch single-use plastic bottles. TBH, I don’t know any who still repurpose single-use bottles, but I do know the inconvenience of plastic bottles… when they do not have any content in them. With the Hydaway, carrying air will be […]