A person’s energy can be used up but you can’t let that happen when you are defending the Earth Federation in a US$725 million mecha like a Mobile Suit Gundam. Enters the G FUEL MS-M31-0N, a limited-edition energy drink concocted by energy drink brand G FUEL, and video game developer and publisher, Bandai Namco, aims to give you the energy that you need.

G FUEL x Bandai Namco Gundam Energy Drink

But the G FUEL MS-M31-0N is not just for Gundam pilots in a campaign to push back the Principality of Zeon, which you are probably not. It is for any fan of Mobile Suit Gundam who needs that boost in whatever they do. In addition, you’d be rewarded with functional, collectible goodies: a brand-new metal Shaker Cup featuring both Gundam RX-78-2 and Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II ready to face off.

In addition, the G FUEL MS-M31-0N comes packaged in a windowless and intricately styled Collector’s Box which itself is very collectible too. The collab energy drink is also offered in a 40-serving Tub too. The G FUEL MS-M31-0N features a “battle-ready flavor” that is said to have the delicious traits of refreshing melon ramune.

G FUEL x Bandai Namco Gundam Energy Drink

Like the rest of the G FUEL Energy Formula, it is sugar-free and loaded with antioxidants from 18 different fruit extracts. It is the fifth flavor that G FUEL and Bandai Namco Entertainment have co-developed and launched.

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The G FUEL MS-M31-0N Collector’s Box and the MS-M31-0N are available for pre-order now for US$59.99 and US$35.99, respectively, with shipping in January 2023.

G FUEL x Bandai Namco Gundam Energy Drink

Images: G Fuel.

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