LEGO Ideas Exploring Pandora Challenge

Remember how we lamented that none of the new LEGO Avatar sets feature floating mountains? Well, it looks like one LEGO enthusiast shared the same thought and created exactly that for the ongoing LEGO Ideas “Exploring Pandora” challenge. LEGO Ideas member Galaxy333 has created “Wonders of Pandora” that features a brick-built landscape of the jungles of Pandora in all its colorway, alien-ish beauty, complete with floating islands. It is absolutely gorgeous, IMHO.

Galaxy333 isn’t alone in recreating the floating islands. There’s “The Hallelujah Mountains” by UltraBalloon085, the “Avatar: Pandora Diorama” by Starwarsguy53, another “The Hallelujah Mountains” by Brickercoasters, a super cool Avatar Micro Scale Diorama by hunter of the lost bricks (another of my personal favorite), and “Choose Your Ikran” by dittopoulos that accurately captures the floating mounts where Jake choose his flying beast, or rather the flying beast chooses him in the first movie.

It is sufficient to say many of these entries will put the official set to shame. Then again, these sets have no business concerns and guides to adhere to. But I think that’s the beauty of MOCs. Go ahead and check out my personal favorite “Wonders of Pandora” by Galaxy333 and other entries on LEGO Ideas.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (Galaxy333/Starwarsguy53/dittopoulos/hunter of the lost bricks).